11 December 2009

Root for America

In the wake of Mike Huckabee losing his ever-loving mind and supporting the neverending stupid train that is the Obama administration, I have had to go hunting for a new candidate. As you all know when you make an unchangeable decision, that intention goes out into the universe and comes back with results.

I am now declaring W. A. R. Wayne Allyn Root. Now some of you are wondering if you have heard that name before. You might have if you supported Bob Barr in the last Presidential election. Root was Barr's Vice Presidential running mate. Bob Barr says that Wayne is being called "the Anti-Obama" by the media. Wayne has been hitting the airwaves promoting his book and our shared libertarian values with great success. Let me send along his message attached here and the quotes about him that follow in italics. I am going to get this book and read it immediately.

Take action and get involved in creating your reality.


Dear American,

W.A.R. is a man conservative readers need to know and liberal politicians need to fear!

Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R.) reminds us in his new book, which has been prominent on three Amazon.com best-seller lists, that there is another choice for voters in America: an independent, common-sense, Libertarian-conservative path.

Root doesn't just criticize Obama and other big government politicians — HE OFFERS LIBERTARIAN-CONSERVATIVE SOLUTIONS.

As a regular guest on FOX News and FOX Business, Root's heroes are Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. His father was one of the original founders of the New York State Conservative Party.

As a Reagan Libertarian, Root has known Obama's policies longer than most — He was Obama's college classmate at Columbia University (Class of '83).

And this Libertarian-conservative small businessman, home-school dad, and citizen politician is the INDEPENDENT many in the media expect to become the Ross Perot of the 2012 presidential election.

Root's dynamic new book is entitled The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

Every conservative voter and thinker in the country should read Root's book. He describes why both Reagan and Goldwater would no longer recognize today's big government GOP.

But Root does more than talk or criticize — he offers common-sense, pragmatic Libertarian-conservative SOLUTIONS to all of today's biggest political issues.

This "Anti-Obama" has burst on the national political scene with guns a-blazing against Obama's Big Brother socialist agenda (see the czars, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, universal healthcare, cap and trade, card check, etc.), and all the corrupt, arrogant, morally bankrupt Beltway politicians.

Root calls himself an equal opportunity offender while referring to Democrats and Republicans as "big and bigger, dumb and dumber."

And he has four words for all politicians who voted for bailouts, handouts, entitlements, stimulus, and tax cuts for people who didn't pay taxes in the first place:

"Throw the Bums Out!"


Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee and he is the 2012 Libertarian Presidential frontrunner.

W.A.R is a self-made businessman, capitalist evangelist, national spokesman for several companies in the financial world, as well as an author, business speaker and television and radio personality and producer.

His talk radio show airs in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. He began his career as an anchorman for the Financial News Network (now CNBC). For more information, go to: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

Wayne is declaring WAR on the "big government" politicians of both parties.
He is declaring WAR on the Beltway insiders.
He is declaring WAR on the biased-liberal media elite.
He is declaring WAR on big government, big spending, big taxes, big unions, and big corporations, including their armies of lawyers and lobbyists.
He is declaring WAR on the out-of-control bloated salaries and pensions of government employees.
THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERTARIAN is the story of a blue-collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher) who came out of nowhere to become the Libertarian vice presidential nominee of 2008, who some say will become the Ross Perot of 2012.

Living proof that his message works, Root is a dynamic, charismatic, telegenic, limited government, anti-tax, pro-school choice, citizen politician, and capitalist evangelist who believes PASSIONATELY in economic and personal freedom.

In his new book, Root illustrates how . . .

Obama wants to turn America into one big California — the most debt-ridden, bankrupt, insolvent state, with the lowest bond ratings in the country; the worst business environment; the worst education rankings; and the most U.S. citizens fleeing for their lives (more than 1.35 million in the past decade). California is ground zero for economic Armageddon. Root shows you why.
His common-sense vision, to follow the "Nevada model" — with smaller government, less spending, dramatically lower taxes, far fewer government employees — will lead to far more personal and economic freedom. Result: Nevada has been No. 1 in population growth for past 25 years!
We can and must end reverse racism by eliminating affirmative action.
We can and must save our schools with school choice, parental freedom, and encouraging competition on the state and local level. WAR doesn't believe it takes a village or a teachers union to educate a child — it merely takes two dedicated parents!
We can and must end or dramatically downsize social and entitlement programs, government spending, bailouts, handouts, and economic stimulus plans, which he contends are all unconstitutional.
Government will run "universal healthcare" just like legal brothels in Nevada and O.T.B. (off-track betting) in New York — into bankruptcy.
Cap and trade represents nothing more than a scheme for government to take control over business, triple electric rates, and redistribute wealth.
We can and must save our economy by eliminating or reining in the Federal Reserve; and how to ban bailouts and corporate welfare.
We can and must empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to create their own union: the Private Sector Taxpayers of America.
We can and must end expensive foreign wars and bring about dramatic reductions of foreign aid and Pentagon waste, reducing bureaucracy and eliminating entire government agencies, such as the IRS and the Education Department.
We can and must force members of Congress to read every word of every bill they vote on and install term limits for all politicians.
We can and must solve the economic crisis via a one-year "income tax vacation" for all taxpayers — thereby reinvigorating the economy, encouraging savings and consumption, and rescuing small business owners.
We can and must end the IRS forever.
We can and must dramatically cut spending with "Constitutional Impoundment."
We can and must use the Nevada model of legalizing and taxing "sin" to reduce taxpayers' burden by $260 billion.
We can and must end illegal immigration forever with one simple step.
And so much more. Wayne Allyn Root's powerful, thought-provoking new book will teach Americans how to protect and preserve the Constitution and their inalienable civil liberties once and for all!
Now is the right time to read what a true Libertarian-conservative citizen politician would do to save America from Obama, big-government bureaucrats, and Beltway arrogance and corruption:

Let's make a difference!

Wayne Allyn Root
2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

P.S. Here is what some very prominent people are saying about my book.

"Wayne Allyn Root (W.A.R.) means business. In 'The Conscience of a Libertarian,' he is declaring WAR on big government, big spending, big taxes, big unions, big business, arrogant career politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, and the media elite. This book is a must read for libertarians, conservatives, disillusioned Republicans, independents, and anyone who wants to cut the size and scope of government dramatically, and return power to individuals. Instead of just criticisms, Wayne provides common-sense solutions for limited government, economic and personal freedom, and protecting our Constitution. I can feel our Founding Fathers looking down and smiling."
— Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Fox News Channel, Senior Judicial Analyst
Host of "Brian and the Judge" and "FreedomWatch"

"Wayne Root is the Anti-Obama. His book is a fast-paced read that reminds us of what has made and kept this country strong: free market principles, risk-taking, capitalism, and a deep-seeded belief in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness — not a government-guaranteed happiness based on bailouts, entitlements, stimulus, waste, welfare, and tax cuts for people who don't pay taxes. You want to save America and capitalism — READ THIS BOOK!"
— Jerry Doyle, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
The Jerry Doyle Show (No. 7 rated talk show in the United States)

"Wayne Allyn Root might just be the most powerful new voice for the cause of liberty in America. If every U.S. citizen would read 'The Conscience of a Libertarian,' most of the power holders in Washington would be thrown out of office. In his trademark dynamic style, Root leaves no doubt that government is not the solution, but the problem."
— Robert Ringer, Author of New York Times No. 1 Best-Sellers
To Be or Not To Be Intimidated, Looking Out for #1, Restoring the American Dream
Publisher, A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World

"Wayne Allyn Root is a dynamic Libertarian patriot and freedom fighter. He lives and breathes freedom and free markets. If you value your liberty, READ THIS BOOK. 'The Conscience of a Libertarian' explains how government is the problem — not the solution — and calls for a dramatic reduction in government intervention. Root is a Citizen Politician whose passion and message can spearhead our Citizen Revolution."
— Manny Klausner, Co-Founding Editor of Reason Magazine
Co-Founder, Reason Foundation

"In your heart, you know he's right. Channeling Barry Goldwater for a modern audience, Root does a great job of adapting his mentor's classic for 21st century America. My guess is that the principles of Goldwater, shepherded by Root, will be a benchmark for reform in this age of political and economic crisis."
— Peter Schiff, President Euro Pacific Capital
Author of Best-Seller "Crash Proof"

"Republican or Democrat? It seems no matter who wins, we lose. Only Wayne Allyn Root can save the USA from the morons, thieves, and frauds in Washington, D.C. He is our last best hope to lead a political revolution. Read this book to stop the insanity, to save our nation, to protect our freedom. None of the sex, violence, and profanity, I usually read, but just as exciting, and more important to our future."
— Mancow Muller, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
The Mancow Show

"'The Conscience of a Libertarian' is the most important and potentially nation-changing book you have read this decade. Wayne Root has penned the final solution to stopping the United States of America from being pushed off the cliff by government. Every citizen of conscience will read this book and immediately understand the gravity and urgency of the crisis our country faces at every level. The enemy is not in Russia or Iran, it's in Washington, D.C., and, we can stop it before it's too late."
— Kevin Hogan Psy.D.
Author of "The Science of Influence" and "The 12 Factors of Business Success"

"(Both) Wayne Root, the Libertarian Party's 2008 vice presidential nominee, and Senator Barry Goldwater, the 1964 United States presidential candidate of the Republican Party, are blunt, outspoken, straight-talking politicians who do not see 'liberty and justice for all' being compatible or existing for long with federal government spending-gone-wild. . . Root has solutions. To me, he's the only candidate who's articulate, powerful in presentation, and RIGHT. He comes across great because he speaks truth from the heart, of America, to America, for America. There's time: ROOT FOR AMERICA. Bring in 2010 and 2012: THROW OUT THE BUMS, AND CRIMINALS!"
— Dr. John Hospers
First Libertarian U.S. Presidential Candidate
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Southern California

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