05 December 2009

God Bless CBS

I assure you that you will not hear me often give credit to broadcast television for getting something right, but today I will do just that. In this smart phone application crazy world we find ourselves, CBS has done quite a few good things. I'm not talking about there news app or even the fantasy football app, although both are decent. I am celebrating an app so brilliant that I can hardly believe they have done it. CBS Sports College App has all the "Game of the Week" broadcasts for SEC football and basketball. Live streaming video right to your smart phone. If you do not have a smart phone, I am sorry but that is dumb.

Why would somebody need that, you ask? Well, I will hazard a guess at an example where it might come in handy. Let's say, for example, both of your children are racing in an invitational swim meet in Gainesville during the SEC Championship game between #1 Florida and #2 Alabama, which of course is the SEC Game of the Week. I am sure there are other reasons why it might come in handy. Maybe your kid has a Christmas recital that starts at tipoff of Kentucky at Indiana. You can now be a good parent and not miss a note of the performance or a rain of threes on the Hoosiers.

Well, that does it. I have met the terms of this Public Service Announcement. It is now up to you to do what is best for you. For everybody that wants to hate on Tebow today, and all the talk about what not having Carlos Dunlap will do, imagine one thing for me. What would this Florida team look like and what would the Tebow stats be if Percy Harvin was putting on that awesome new Gator helmet today? For some, the "F" comes after the "U". For me, it always comes before.

Check out the app.

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