09 April 2010

Blog on the Move

It occurs to me that some of you may think that my blogging has
tapered off. This is not the case at all. Virtual Mike Kennedy has in
reality moved the blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I believe that it
will offer a lot more content and ease of use for you, my faithful
readers. So get over there now and catch up or keep up with Virtual
Mie Kennedy.



07 March 2010

Winter Park St. Patrick's Day Parade

Mickey, Lexi and Shannon are ready to participate in the festivities.

Spicy Manhattan Seafood Chowder


Sangria on Park Ave

Just wondering down Park Ave in Winter Park we saw some folks enjoying
a pitcher of Sangria at Pannullo's. We immediately gave Mickey,
Shannon and Alex sone money for ice cream and sent them packing while
Ana and I sat for a drink, a soup and some bruschetta. Stay tuned as
the kids are in the Winter Park St Patricks parade in a couple hours.

05 March 2010

What are the Kennedy's doing now?

Do you know where the Kennedy's are on a Friday evening when swim
practice is cancelled?

04 March 2010

Primanti Bros.

We have a winner. Primanti Bros is where I got the previously pictured
Pitts-burger. A burger with cole slaw, fries and tomato on Italian
bread. There best seller is actually the pizza. There are ten
locations in Pittsburgh and one on Ft Lauderdale beach. Oddly enough,
I was not at any of those. I ate in Wilton Manors. Why? Good question.

Guess Again

Anyone able to tell where I am eating lunch today?