30 January 2010

Dick Howser

The view of Mike Martin Field at Dick Howser Stadium was awesome as
the gates were open for some maintenance crews. I was able to casually
walk in and snap this shot. After a couple days here, I can see how
someone could become very passionate about Florida State University. I
love college campuses. Of course, they are a lot more fun without 55
underage kids in tow.

29 January 2010

Day One Comes to a Close

The Mac Crutchfield Invitational got off to a roaring start with the Friday night events. Many swimmers posted best times and there was a lot of team spirit. The energy level of everyone involved dissipated in the 8 o'clock hour as everyone had been awake for at least 16 straight hours. By 9:30 the bus was finally heading for the hotel and with an obscene amount of Hungry Howie's pizza in the cargo hold. By 10:30, everyone had overeaten and many were punch drunk from the one-two combination of sheer exhaustion and way too many carbohydrates. Everyone retired to their rooms for showers and rest. Goodnight, all. Goodnight, Ryan.

Calm Before the Storm

Friday afternoon activities and tours are all done and we are about to get down to business. Coaches are meeting with all swimmers before stretching and warmups. Friday night schedule is all 500 Free and 400 IM. All but a couple are swimming them and quite a few are swimming both. After today and a late pasta or pizza dinner, we should have no problem getting them all straight to bed when it's over. Stay tuned.

The Erin Cash

Mickey and Shannon along with the Blue Dolfins horde were not on campus five minutes before seeing their first celebrity. Dr. Erin Cash met them and obliged a photo opportunity. We are gathered in the trophy room with both football national championship trophies as we await our tourguide.

Florida Senate Chamber

Great guided tour of the Florida legislature chambers. The picture here is from within the Senate. I could feel myself being called to public service. I could hardly do worse. I'll have to look for a post that needs my help back home and see what I can do. We are off to the Old Capitol.

A View from the Capitol

Doak Campbell stadium can be seen in the distance from the Capitol. This shot was taken from the 22nd floor observation level. This is where we gathered for the beginning of our tour.

23 January 2010

Buddhism and Disney

Ana wonders if there are not contrasting ideologies at work as a group of monks enjoy Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. What do you think?

Red Bicyclette

When making a hearty beef stew, a good dry red wine can add to the flavor and to the fun. Today's choice was this Pinot Noir from Southern France. It is very good. Stay tuned for a rating system to be rolled out very soon.

Put on some shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops and fire up the grill or
slow cooker and relax. It's Saturday.

06 January 2010

Florida Fires

As record cold sweeps across the country, people are looking for more
warmth. With another week of cold in the forecast, I have burned
through all our firewood gathered from trimmed trees around the house
and had to take delivery of a truckload.