22 December 2009

Dare to be Fair, Chairman Rangel, and Schedule a Hearing on the FairTax!

The Congressional Committee that considers and writes federal tax laws is the House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by New York Representative Charlie Rangel. We're joining together across the country to demand a fair and open hearing on the merits of the FairTax by the Ways and Means Committee. This is where FairTax legislation should first be heard and debated. And yet, there have been no hearings devoted just to the FairTax over the last 15 years! Not even a hearing! Join us now to demand a hearing on the FairTax the true measure of fairness for a new tax system that can repair the economy, replace a corrupted tax system with one that is fair and transparent and one that gives the American people the ability to see and control unchecked government spending.

Are you ready to get the FairTax moving? Go to http://www.fairtax.org/hearing to send your message to Chairman Rangel on why the FairTax deserves a Congressional hearing. Hundreds of thousands of active FairTaxers and millions more Americans who believe in the promise of the FairTax must raise their voice together into a powerful force for positive change. It falls to the American people to correct the corruption of tax policy and the damage the mind-numbing, unfair and expensive tax system is doing to the American economy and the peace of mind of every taxpayer.

Now is the time for FairTax members to roar. Our voices must become so loud, persistent and reasoned that Washington can no longer ignore doing the right thing--the American FairTax revolution has begun. Let's get going!

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