15 November 2009

Patriot Aquatics Winter Invitational, Day 1

We find ourselves spending the weekend at Lake Brantley for another
swim meet. This week we celebrated Coach Joe Auer's birthday and he
asked the team to get excited and make this a team meet. The gauntlet
was dropped for body painting, posters and noise making. Wouldn't you
know it, Shannon and Mickey take the lead and get put in charge.

After practice on Thursday, we had birthday cake and presents, but
then all the kids were painting posters and decorating crowns that Ana
got from Burger King. Needless to say, poster paint and glitter got
all over everything and everyone (sorry about the clean up, City of
Oviedo.) Friday, we went in search of cow bells and balloons. After
practice, the kids coordinated their cheers and worked on getting loud.

Saturday involved hanging balloons and painted posters all around our
corner of the pool. After warmups, Joe marched the kids out the gates
and minutes later they processed in two by two beating on cow bells
with drumsticks and chanting to a cadence. When they were all in,
they huddled and went through a series of cheers. The mood was set.
The other teams were intimidated and unprepared for where we were
taking them.

Relays start the day and Shannon was ready. In the lead leg of a 200
Free Relay, Shannon flew out to an early lead with a peronal best
25.48 50 Free (Note: maybe 26.48, timing was a mess all day.) Mickey
supported his relay too with a near best 50 Free around 31 seconds in
the anchor and hung on for the win.

Shannon, 100 Free 59.48 (28.65 split).

Mickey, 100 Free 1:05.33.

Shannon, 100 Breast 1:16.15

Mickey, 100 Breast 1:40.69

Mickey, 50 Back 38.10

Shannon, 100 Fly 1:10.70 (31.71 split)

Mickey, 100 IM 1:21.25

The Matschner's had to leave and left Wyatt as a Kennedy for the rest
of his day.

Wyatt, 100 IM 1:11.72

Shannon, 500 Free 5:48.07

Wyatt, 500 Free 6:01.24

The hardcore families that stayed to the end all met at Sweet Tomatoes
and took the place over.

We all got home showered and climbed into bed and put "Twilight" on
Blu-Ray to get ready for "New Moon" and everyone was asleep before it
was over.

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