03 November 2009

Are You Happy?

Are you reading the paper or listening to the radio? We will get into which paper and radio station another time. Are you watching the news or talking at the water cooler? Do you know the reality of America today? What version of that reality are you accepting as the truth? If given the choice today, would you take the blue pill or the red pill? Do you know how far the rabbit hole goes?

Either through your action or inaction, you find yourself where you are right now. Are you happy? Are you simply going to take what they give you? Or more correctly, are you going to give what they take from you? If you are looking for the government to solve your problems or to take from you rather than going out to help others in need when you can, stop reading now. Return to your life and forget that I said anything. Your blue pill is on the table.

Good. I am glad that you decided to push through. Now, what are you going to do? I intend to fight for liberty. How? I am going support candidates that share my values. I am going to seek them out in my community and others and offer whatever help I can. I am going to fight where the battle lines are being drawn. Today that is in Virginia and New Jersey. There are others and there will be more. The issues are too numbered to mention. The big rocks for me right now without rehashing the issues are FairTax and less government.

If you agree with me or simply disagree with Obama, check out what you can do to get involved at http://my.huckpac.com/

I hope that you will go check out the website, but to give you a sample, here is some info copied directly from their site:

Our Mission

Team Huck’s mission is to elect strong common-sense Republicans who support the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, lower taxes, fiscal sanity and a strong national defense.

This exciting new grassroots organization provides you with the online and offline tools you need to effectively organize in your community.


Each state has a team of grassroots Coordinators tasked with organizing the grassroots in their state. Our goal is to have a Group of Volunteers form in every county in the country. Multiple groups can form per county and we hope these groups will work together to support Huck PAC endorsed candidates.


Our goal is to identify and support candidates in every state in the country. You can see which candidates we have endorsed by clicking on the candidates section of our website, or by clicking on your home state image in the Team Huck headquarters section of our website.

If you do not see a candidate listed for you state, please suggest one to your state’s Grassroots Coordinator. Huck PAC endorsed candidates must be pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, a fiscal conservative and a strong advocate for lower taxes.

I hope that whatever you believe you get more involved. Be a leader in your family. Be a leader in your community. A little actual leadership repeated will grow beyond your expectations. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you can do.

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