27 September 2009

Highlander Invite, Day 2

Back at the pool after a night of rain and a slight breeze promises to make today a little less oppressive than yesterday. We reconstruct our tent that was deformed by last night's heavy rains. As we gather on the deck for the beginning relays, threatening clouds gather from the west.

Q: How do you spend a Sunday afternoon session at the pool watching your kids swim when you are a passionate fan of the NFL?

A: NFL SuperFan DirecTV SuperCast on my iPhone.

This may be one of the greatest inventions in my lifetime. I have enjoyed the cd, and the personal computer, the mobile phone and the satellite dish. For the love of Pete, I have all of them in my hand now wherever I go. What the what?!?

Shannon started the day participating in the 400 Medley Relay as the breast stroker.
Mickey 100 Free
Shannon 100 Free 1:01.52

Thorguard lightning "prediction" came into play as we suffered through two different delays. The first was just 30 minutes, but after one event and only minutes in the pool, the alarm went off and the second delay was nearly an hour and cost the event a majority of the diehards that sat through the first delay. We stayed to get our events done. With everyone that left. The remainder of the meet went fast out of the water if not in.

Mickey 50 Fly just over 41s.
Shannon 100 Back 1:15.62
Mickey 100 Back 1:25.01
Shannon 200 Breast
Mickey 50 Breast 49.29s.
Shannon 200 IM

We are done and heading to Sweet Tomatoes with some of the other stalwart families that stayed to the end for a quick dinner. Nobody wants to cook after the long swim weekend. I am looking forward to getting home to see how my fantasy football weekend continues into Football Night in America on NBC as Indianapolis travels to Arizona.

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