07 February 2010

Super Sunday

When you work Monday through Friday, every Sunday is super. This Super Sunday is no exception. I am sitting in my favorite spot on the back porch. I have a beef brisket cooking. I have my Sunday paper. The sun is out and the temperature is in the low 60s. I can see quite a few birds playing out by the lake and up in the trees. Ana went to the store and returned with more beer. Life is pretty good.

All the work that I need to do and bills that need paid can wait until tomorrow. The US economy should be one day closer to eventual ressurection when I get back to it.

Who will when tonights game? Well, all week long I have been saying that I really do not care as long as I get a good game and that remains true. As the game approaches it seems like a bit of a cop out to not pick somebody. When pressed for an answer in the last two weeks, I have said that I would take the team with the best players. For me, that is the Colts. So there you have it. The brain says Colts and the heart says Saints. Are you confused? Me too. I want to make a pick but seem to have Analysis Paralysis.

If the Saints don't win this year, it could be a problem as they have lots of free agents going into an uncapped year. However, the Colts are expected to be here again and again. There core is very young and they will make Peyton a $20M man this off season.

Here it is: Saints 35, Colts 45

Reggie Wayne is your MVP.

Wouldn't it be a story if Pierre Garçon got the MVP just three weeks after the earthquake in Haiti?

The Saints are no longer the Aints, but will have to try again because as we know the Saints only win about 30% of their games win a Manning is on the field. Sorry, Archie.

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